Where is the world’s largest known stockpile of gold?

Top 10

10. India – 609 Metric Tons While it may seem odd at first that India would have one of the largest gold reserves in the world, you need to consider two things. One, they’re the second-largest country in terms of population in the world. They have over 1.25 billion people in the country, and if you didn’t know, India is the second-largest consumer of precious metal in the world today.

9. Netherlands– 612 Metric Tons The Dutch are another people that you might not expect to have a large gold reserve, but this is another case of looks being deceiving. In fact, not only are they No.9 on the top gold reserve list, they have been taking steps recently to bring in their reserves from across the world back to the homeland.

8. Japan – 765 Metric Tons Japan has been a very curious country in terms of history. For the longest time, they were one of the proudest warrior nations on Earth, the home of the Samurai, Ninja, Shogun, and more. But after World War II, they completely changed their culture to become one of the most technologically advanced nations today. They lead the way in many aspects, and that includes how they pursue gold.

7. Switzerland – 1,040 Metric Tons The nation of Switzerland is said to be one of the safest places in the world today because of the mountains that surround them. And also one of the richest!! There are mountains of gold within it as well.

6. China – 1,874 Metric Tons A global superpower, China is seen as the biggest nation in many respects. It has the most enormous population at over 1.3 billion. It has the largest military in the world as well because of that population. But in terms of gold reserves, it only ranks as No.6. Yet that doesn’t seem to bother them that much. Their resources only make up 2.4% of their foreign reserve exchanges.

5. Russia – 2,150 Metric Tons Russia has been in the eyes of the world for decades, and often for not so good reasons. Including recent events with American politics. But when it comes to gold, they’re one of only five countries with over 2000 Metric Tons of metal in their reserves. This number has grown quite a bit recently as they’re hoping to end their reliance on American gold.

4. France – 2,436 Metric Tons Just because nations do have gold doesn’t always mean they want it. Mainly because gold can be easily traded, but that’s not always a sure thing. France is in a curious position with its gold reserves due to this. Despite having the fourth-largest reserves in the world, their reserves are at present somewhat stagnant.

3. Italy – 2,452 Metric Tons Italy is known for many things, including its prominence in history over many centuries due to the Roman Republic and Empire and it’s part in the Renaissance. But they’re also a country that is in an exciting place in regards to their gold reserves. Because there’s a movement going on that states that Italy’s gold shouldn’t be watched over by the banks but rather by the people of Italy.

2. Germany – 3,370 Metric Tons Germany is another country that has been associated with gold over the years for various reasons. Yet, they kept much of their gold reserves in places like Paris and New York for a long time. That changed, though, in 2013, where they decided to repatriate the gold and bring it back to the Fatherland. This process took four years to do and thus was only completed in 2017.

  1. United States – 8,134 Metric Tons It honestly shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that the United States tops the list of most extensive gold reserves on the planet because the nation covets gold greatly and has done so since the days of the colonies. And since that point in time, they have over 8000 Metric Tons of gold in their reserves.