How long does alcohol stay in your system for a probation drug test?

Short Answer: 5hours @5milliliters

Alcohol test coming up? Well here’s the gist of it- your liver can process alcohol at five milliliters an hour, so with that being said, it takes the liver approximately five and a half hours to process O.8, which is the legal limit, for you to keep in mind.

About 12 to 36 hours is how much it takes for you to stop peeing out alcohol but small amounts of Alcohol can stay in your system for longer than that. Most urine tests that detect alcohol are usually 48 hours. Be completely aware of what type of tests are being used.

Some of the advanced ones can be up to 80 hours after your last drink, so keep that in memory.

Right now, there are some other tests like a swab test that can detect it usually within 24 hours after your last drink, and even a test for hair particles that can detect alcohol use within a 3 month period. Hair tests are rare and can take up to 14 days in a lab to process.