Whats the best gold

24karat gold

The best gold is often processed through a refinery to extract all of the impurities out to a point that is measured in Karats/carats. 24k (best) ,18k,14,and 10k are often used to measure the exact amount of AU in grams, ounces, or kilograms.

Some might say the best gold is the gold in hand or gold you have stored in a personal safe or vault. Others who purchase larger orders through the online market often will use a secure safe holding service like brinks to store their gold for a monthly fee based on the percentage of gold stored.

Many countries mine gold as a precious medal. Pure gold has been the standard of value for as long as man has bartered commodities.

Gold values have never once in history been worth zero like many fiat currencies have. The price of gold has steadily climbed throughout history creating one of the safest investments as a barrier to protect wealth and perpetuate family legacy.

Finding the best gold online with the safest reputation to securely purchase it has become a huge business for large direct gold suppliers and refineries who process pure gold in strict adherence to a government regulated policy.

Planning on purchasing gold online? Well take your time and research the various websites that offer specific data related to a safe purchase that include public reviews, companies that have a safe buyer track record, and ultimately a current price evaluation that follows the daily market price. red flags abound if you find a gold price offer that is to good to be true.

If you think buying gold from an Instagram profile seller based in Africa with awesome photos and gold wholesale prices based way below market value is a good idea…. think again, research more and what ever you decide on do not send a bunch of money through western union in hopes to receive a Fed-ex with discounted gold in it. Many fall for this scam often.

Best gold in the world quality

There are countries that mine massive amounts of gold with China leading the production levels. The same amount of purity in gold must go through a refinement process to get a level of 24k or 999.9 percent pure AU.

This means no actual country has better gold than the other. The gold mined is all the same. when it comes to refinement, testing, smelting, and regulation of gold purity then most likely the companies that hold the purest gold in the world are certified mints that produce coins, bullion,and bars that hold to a specific standard based on reputation with a huge customer base. some of these mints have been around for over a century.

Best gold in the world

The best gold in the world is gold that is pure at a refinement of 24k preferably on hand or in close proximity to the owner, is readily available to trade, sell, or swap in a event that other commodities including fiat currency have become devalued for some apparent reason including a inflationary crises, disaster, war, or government breakdown.