What animal mates the longest

Short answer: Tibetan antelope up to 21 days

Mating is a kind of behavior that all creatures have. Mating is an important substitute for multiplying offspring and the continuation of life for humans. Lineage succession is a deep-rooted idea, and life will continue, as will animals.
Animal breeding is a huge system mating and multiplies and symbolizes the rise and fall of a race. Animals usually have a certain pattern of mating. They all have their own mating season. According to common sense, it is essential to mate in the right season, whether it is a human or an animal.
The mating time will not be too long, especially in the murderous and dangerous world of nature. However, there is a creature whose mating time is as long as 21 days. This is incredible data. It is the endangered Tibetan antelope.
Tibet antelope lives in Tibet, China, due to geographical location and climate. Their mating season is around December; they are among the most vulnerable animals in the world and can survive in harsh environments.
The maximum speed can reach 110 kilometers per hour, and the longest life is about eight years.

21 day mating period. pic-pexels

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