Best way to buy physical gold

Your own gold under lock and key makes total sense

Buying physical gold from anywhere in a town or city location near you isn’t just that simple in terms of actual gold value in terms of buying ether bullion, coins, or gold bars. 

Unless ofcourse you live in a mining town and have a direct line to gold at cost that has not been refined or smelted. 

Your best bet to buy physical gold is online with an accredited mint or bullion sales company that also stores gold or uses USPS mail with tracking to send you your order.

Is buying physical gold online safe?

The best way to actually buy any gold nowadays is through an online source and has opened up an entire world for the average wealth builder person who wants to increase there security blanket. 

Companies online ship millions of dollars in gold online everyday and have countless customers who receive there gold in a fashion that holds value not only in weight but also in popularity of coins that are minted. 

Buying physical gold also is a no brainer in terms of stored wealth and an added layer of protection from economic crises which in historical terms does happens fairly often. 

Coins do offer the ability to trade or transfer straight across for fiat, jewels or equal commodity value system agreed upon.

Larger bullion such as bars are among some of the safest investments currently known in the world. Gold holds a solid value along with other precious metals.

Currently the best way to buy physical gold is probably ordering it online and having it shipped to your door.

Here are six trusted online sources that sell and ship gold at market value.


Online purchase of gold has become a standard of easy go to investment that holds solid with real investors who has overcome any doubt that goes along with large purchase orders.