Best gold bars to buy

Unlike fiat or paper currencies, gold has a 8,000 year track record of keeping up with inflationary control measures and debt percentage ceilings.

That’s because the price of gold has largely outrun the rate of inflation ratio and the decline in the purchasing power of the US fiat dollar.

Gold is a solid secure guarantee long-term store of value. It’s also an insurance policy– a hedge against paper currency, systemic risk, and uncertainty.

Uncertainty could send gold prices substantially higher in the near future, so it may be worth considering gold right now as a safest investment hold.

Actual times in history when gold has experienced wild swings in value against paper currency, people who understand this gain immense wealth quickly.

Thinking about your savings: you probably have standard deposit accounts at a number of banks. The banking system is middle man between you and your money.

Having physical gold securely stored in an at-home safe is a great way to secretly preserve your wealth without the middle man risk. Virtually eliminate the bank or any regulatory entity at hand.

Physical wealth in material form literally in your hands is an aspect of mental control no one can take away from you.

Also taking on larger amounts in offshore facilities and storing

When it comes to physical gold, you can buy either coins or bars. They come in a variance of weights or minted forms.

Here’s a gold trade secret not many new buyers know.

Good Delivery specifications for a 400 ounce gold bar traded certified by the LBM could weigh as little as 320 ounces, or as much as 450ounces, and still qualify as a 400 ounce bar.

Meaning no uniform standard of exact weight but still passable under the “good delivery” policy.

Coins are exact at weight and mint so no matter what you can have the purest at per gram purchase. Lower purity can issue tax problems if you want to qualify for a like kind exchange under IRS sec1031.

Gold coins with 99.99% purity and no matter what a solid investment are:

Canada Gold Maple Leaf
Chinese Panda
Austrian Philharmonic
Australian Gold Nugget
American Buffalo

Avoid these coins if possible unless you get a great deal.

American Gold Eagle (91.67%)
South African Krugerrand (91.67%)
United Kingdom Sovereign (91.7%)

Now if coins are not for you and you want purity and massive weight for safety against crises,

Here are 4 of the safest and best places to buy gold bars.

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