Gold coins or gold bars

Storing gold bars for optimum crises security.

Depending on your cash to gold conversion in terms of what you want to buy and stockpile for gold storage will play a key role on what type of minted and refined gold you buy.

Gold coins offer a great way to hold smaller quantities of transferability in terms of physically carrying gold on your person to and from locations. 

Gold coins also carry between a 15 to 20% mark up trend value in terms of reselling coins online including Amazon and eBay. 

This means depending on the popularity of the gold coin a buyer could expect to pay an extra 15% to 20% on top of the current market value defined by The daily trade rate. 

A lot of buyers will find a low cost coin usually in the 1oz category like the these coins listed offered by various mints or wholesale online buyers and relist the coin with a fractional markup to make some current value money on top of the gold reserve price. 

  • American Eagle 24k 1oz
  • American Buffalo 24k 1oz
  • Canadian Maple Leaf 24 1oz
  • British Britannia 24k 10z
  • South African Krugerrand 24k 1oz
  • Austrian Philharmonic 24k 1oz

All of these gold coins offer some of the safest long term wealth building assets known to man currently. They are in demand as gold will always have a strong demand as a commodity.

Gold Bars 

If your portfolio is in the expansion mode and your looking to hold solid ground in terms of larger gold quantities and want to fill your safe or other vault locations like brinks then gold bars will most likely have the most appeal to you as an investor.

It’s no secret that Billionaires, Millionaires and large Companies including many banks buy and vault huge amounts of gold bars for the purpose of holding wealth security against economic collapse.

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