Best gold bars to buy

Unlike fiat or paper currencies, gold has a 8,000 year track record of keeping up with inflationary control measures and debt percentage ceilings.

That’s because the price of gold has largely outrun the rate of inflation ratio and the decline in the purchasing power of the US fiat dollar.

Gold is a solid secure guarantee long-term store of value. It’s also an insurance policy– a hedge against paper currency, systemic risk, and uncertainty.

Uncertainty could send gold prices substantially higher in the near future, so it may be worth considering gold right now as a safest investment hold.

Actual times in history when gold has experienced wild swings in value against paper currency, people who understand this gain immense wealth quickly.

Thinking about your savings: you probably have standard deposit accounts at a number of banks. The banking system is middle man between you and your money.

Having physical gold securely stored in an at-home safe is a great way to secretly preserve your wealth without the middle man risk. Virtually eliminate the bank or any regulatory entity at hand.

Physical wealth in material form literally in your hands is an aspect of mental control no one can take away from you.

Also taking on larger amounts in offshore facilities and storing

When it comes to physical gold, you can buy either coins or bars. They come in a variance of weights or minted forms.

Here’s a gold trade secret not many new buyers know.

Good Delivery specifications for a 400 ounce gold bar traded certified by the LBM could weigh as little as 320 ounces, or as much as 450ounces, and still qualify as a 400 ounce bar.

Meaning no uniform standard of exact weight but still passable under the “good delivery” policy.

Coins are exact at weight and mint so no matter what you can have the purest at per gram purchase. Lower purity can issue tax problems if you want to qualify for a like kind exchange under IRS sec1031.

Gold coins with 99.99% purity and no matter what a solid investment are:

Canada Gold Maple Leaf
Chinese Panda
Austrian Philharmonic
Australian Gold Nugget
American Buffalo

Avoid these coins if possible unless you get a great deal.

American Gold Eagle (91.67%)
South African Krugerrand (91.67%)
United Kingdom Sovereign (91.7%)

Now if coins are not for you and you want purity and massive weight for safety against crises,

Here are 4 of the safest and best places to buy gold bars.

What is white gold made of

Wow white gold is so not real gold but a mixture of other metals to form a white so called gold which really just is yellow gold. The purity of course is now not pure and although depending on what other metals are used, often Nickel, Palladium, Platnium, and Manganese.

White gold does have yellow true gold and does often have enough parts gold to still be in the 14k range but it’s not more expensive than pure 18k or 24k gold.

White gold is probably the most popular of the alloys in terms of jewelry and engagement rings. Although it’s impossible without testing to see how much white gold or gold is within an object. It’s important to always inquire about the parts per gold ratio in the white gold piece. The highest is around 18k for white gold. Often rhodium is used as a whitener as white gold itself is often yellowing as time goes on.

Platinum and Nickel can increase the whiteness of the object and also is skin safe, it also is more exspensive than gold so depending on how much is used this can increase the value of the jewelry.

Pure gold is yellow and is 24karat or 24 parts of AU. All colored golds are going to be less than that and although the design or piece of jewelry may hold demand or intrinsic value. The safest investment would still be by weight a pure minted gold from a certifiable refinery that holds all good faith practice and audit reports on hand.

White gold purity chart

Best way to buy physical gold

Your own gold under lock and key makes total sense

Buying physical gold from anywhere in a town or city location near you isn’t just that simple in terms of actual gold value in terms of buying ether bullion, coins, or gold bars. 

Unless ofcourse you live in a mining town and have a direct line to gold at cost that has not been refined or smelted. 

Your best bet to buy physical gold is online with an accredited mint or bullion sales company that also stores gold or uses USPS mail with tracking to send you your order.

Is buying physical gold online safe?

The best way to actually buy any gold nowadays is through an online source and has opened up an entire world for the average wealth builder person who wants to increase there security blanket. 

Companies online ship millions of dollars in gold online everyday and have countless customers who receive there gold in a fashion that holds value not only in weight but also in popularity of coins that are minted. 

Buying physical gold also is a no brainer in terms of stored wealth and an added layer of protection from economic crises which in historical terms does happens fairly often. 

Coins do offer the ability to trade or transfer straight across for fiat, jewels or equal commodity value system agreed upon.

Larger bullion such as bars are among some of the safest investments currently known in the world. Gold holds a solid value along with other precious metals.

Currently the best way to buy physical gold is probably ordering it online and having it shipped to your door.

Here are six trusted online sources that sell and ship gold at market value.


Online purchase of gold has become a standard of easy go to investment that holds solid with real investors who has overcome any doubt that goes along with large purchase orders.

Gold coins or gold bars

Storing gold bars for optimum crises security.

Depending on your cash to gold conversion in terms of what you want to buy and stockpile for gold storage will play a key role on what type of minted and refined gold you buy.

Gold coins offer a great way to hold smaller quantities of transferability in terms of physically carrying gold on your person to and from locations. 

Gold coins also carry between a 15 to 20% mark up trend value in terms of reselling coins online including Amazon and eBay. 

This means depending on the popularity of the gold coin a buyer could expect to pay an extra 15% to 20% on top of the current market value defined by The daily trade rate. 

A lot of buyers will find a low cost coin usually in the 1oz category like the these coins listed offered by various mints or wholesale online buyers and relist the coin with a fractional markup to make some current value money on top of the gold reserve price. 

  • American Eagle 24k 1oz
  • American Buffalo 24k 1oz
  • Canadian Maple Leaf 24 1oz
  • British Britannia 24k 10z
  • South African Krugerrand 24k 1oz
  • Austrian Philharmonic 24k 1oz

All of these gold coins offer some of the safest long term wealth building assets known to man currently. They are in demand as gold will always have a strong demand as a commodity.

Gold Bars 

If your portfolio is in the expansion mode and your looking to hold solid ground in terms of larger gold quantities and want to fill your safe or other vault locations like brinks then gold bars will most likely have the most appeal to you as an investor.

It’s no secret that Billionaires, Millionaires and large Companies including many banks buy and vault huge amounts of gold bars for the purpose of holding wealth security against economic collapse.